Creative Kyogen caravan goes

Kyogen group
Office KAJA Presents!

The office KAJA “Japan’s regional culture revitalization project connected by creative Kyogen” was adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ subsidized project ARTS for the future !.
After thinking about how to support them, this is the poster I made on my own!
The main image is Gaku Nakafawa, who works on several picture books by Kyoka Izumi. At KAJA’s Kanazawa performance, we learned that Kyoka Izumi’s “Dorikujin ” was made into a kyogen, and Mr. Nakagawa drew the final scene of the autumn leaves swirling in the wind.

Kyoto charm rediscovery trip project

Only for Kyoto residents

When Kyoto citizens travel around Kyoto, the prefecture will subsidize the accommodation fee.
It also comes with a coupon that can be used for meals and souvenirs.
The period is from the end of October to December 31st (Friday) [January 1, 2021 checkout valid]
At Gallery Nozawa inn, for Kyoto residents during this period
Adults: 10,000 yen per night [with breakfast], Children [7 to 15 years old]: 5000 yen per night, free for children under 6 years old

Accommodation for 2 adults 10000 x 2-5000 x 2 = 10000 yen Coupon ticket 1000 yen ticket x 2 x 2 = 4 sheets
2 adults and 1 child (10000 x 2 + 5000) ÷ 3 = 8300 25000-4000 x 3 = 13000 yen 6 coupons

■ You will need an Individual Number Card or driver’s license to show that you live in Kyoto Prefecture.
■ Even within the period, it will be discontinued as soon as the budget runs out.
■ Please apply by phone. 075-353-7990

We uploaded the video

Two videos have been uploaded.

One is in the gallery & event corner
Kyomachiya “Kyogen no Kai”

The other is today’s delicious and interesting corner
“Easy tea ceremony” to enjoy at home

When the corona is over, We hope everyone can enjoy it,
so We made these videos. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Enjoy with a simple method of Japanese tea ceremony.

There are many difficult and strict rules for the Japanese tea ceremony even for us Japanese.
But at your home, you can enjoy drinking Japanese matcha more easily.
We made such a video, so please take a look.


Dried sweets (higasi)
Japanese sweets are used in the Japanese tea ceremony.
They are shaped like cherry blossoms, water crests, bracken, and butterflies.

Japanese sweets (namagashi)
Sweets called Japanese sweets. It expresses the season. This is a cherry blossom.

抹茶茶碗 表

抹茶茶碗 裏

Matcha bowl front and back
Turn the bowl clockwise about twice at the tea ceremony. That’s because the front of the bowl doesn’t face me. After drinking tea, turn the bowl in the opposite direction about twice and put it back.