Shopping street with music in Shimabara 9/16


Playing cello and percussion instruments in a Japanese atmosphere…
Unusual situations are also cool.
Enjoy live pop music.
Classical, jazz, popular songs, and other songs that everyone has heard.

Date and time: Saturday, September 16th
Location: Gallery no Zawa Inn (east side of Shimabara Daimon)
Price: Free
Program: Part 1 19:00~
Part 2 20:30~

Players: Shu Kizaki (keyboard), Rin Hagiwara (percussion), Sodai Matsumoto (saxophone)

Sponsored by: Shimabara Shopping District Promotion Association

Drunk Night at Shimabara-Beer Street-9-16

島原へ酔ってかナイト ビアストリート

“Shimabara Drunk Night Beer Street” will be held at Shimabara Shopping District.
Various craft beers on tap.
There are plenty of snacks such as yakitori, dashi rolls, authentic shaved ice, salt-grilled sweetfish, and grilled turban shells.

At Gallery Zawa, we are waiting for you with Doteyaki and a demonstration of Hamo Tempura.
And a machiya live performance by Kyoto University of Arts students.
Enjoy from 19:00 and 20:30.
There will also be popcorn and cotton candy for the kids.

Date and time: Saturday, September 16, 2020, 18:00-21:00
Location: Shimabara Shopping Street (Shimabara Daimon – Mibukawa-dori)

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