We uploaded the video

Two videos have been uploaded.

One is in the gallery & event corner
Kyomachiya “Kyogen no Kai”

The other is today’s delicious and interesting corner
“Easy tea ceremony” to enjoy at home

When the corona is over, We hope everyone can enjoy it,
so We made these videos. We are looking forward to seeing you again.

“Go to travel” paused until 2/7.

Notice: GoTo Travel will continue to be suspended nationwide until February 7.

The policy is to decide whether or not to resume from the end of January to the beginning of February.

[Posted on 12/17]
Processing of new reservation and existence reservation

It’s stopped as the next from Monday, December 28 in the whole country to Monday, January 11 in spite of reservation and existence reservation recently.

* When including a stay from Monday, December 28 about travel to Monday, January 11 like traveling days by a stay, it’s a discount to apply.
That’s made a discount target on Monday in 28th on Monday, December 28 not Tomari, but in case of check-out (Later, an area common coupon can be used until a day similarly.)

* When being carried out from about 1 day travel on Monday, December 28 by Monday, January 11, it’s a discount to apply.

New family “fu”

On October 12th last year, a new family came to Gallery Nozawa inn.

The name is Fuu. She is a girl about 5 years old.

She had never taken a walk and was scared of people, so she escaped at the walk a month ago and she went missing for four days.

But with the help of so many people, she was able to return home safely.

Thank you everyone.

It will take some time for her to give us heartfelt love, We want to slowly become a family.

Happy new year.

2020 was a tough year with COVID-19 sweeping the world. However,
I would like to make 2021 a year to overcome COVID-19 and connect with people all over the world.
To that end, we aim for a society free of discrimination and prejudice.
And we aim to realize a sustainable society so that the next generation can touch this beautiful earth.
I want to cherish the old wisdom of the Japanese people,
the “heart of cleanup.”

This year’s zodiac [cow]
Gallery Terra’s bamboo paper cow           Asada Tile Studio Tile Cow

January good day