“Go to travel” paused until 2/7.

Notice: GoTo Travel will continue to be suspended nationwide until February 7.

The policy is to decide whether or not to resume from the end of January to the beginning of February.

[Posted on 12/17]
Processing of new reservation and existence reservation

It’s stopped as the next from Monday, December 28 in the whole country to Monday, January 11 in spite of reservation and existence reservation recently.

* When including a stay from Monday, December 28 about travel to Monday, January 11 like traveling days by a stay, it’s a discount to apply.
That’s made a discount target on Monday in 28th on Monday, December 28 not Tomari, but in case of check-out (Later, an area common coupon can be used until a day similarly.)

* When being carried out from about 1 day travel on Monday, December 28 by Monday, January 11, it’s a discount to apply.