Enjoy with a simple method of Japanese tea ceremony.

There are many difficult and strict rules for the Japanese tea ceremony even for us Japanese.
But at your home, you can enjoy drinking Japanese matcha more easily.
We made such a video, so please take a look.


Dried sweets (higasi)
Japanese sweets are used in the Japanese tea ceremony.
They are shaped like cherry blossoms, water crests, bracken, and butterflies.

Japanese sweets (namagashi)
Sweets called Japanese sweets. It expresses the season. This is a cherry blossom.

抹茶茶碗 表

抹茶茶碗 裏

Matcha bowl front and back
Turn the bowl clockwise about twice at the tea ceremony. That’s because the front of the bowl doesn’t face me. After drinking tea, turn the bowl in the opposite direction about twice and put it back.

“Shosoin Exhibition”

I went to the Shosoin exhibition with a friend who lives in Nara. This year we only have reservations, so it’s always a great crowd, but it was nice to see it relaxedly. I think there were many people who couldn’t see it even if they wanted to see it. The first of the 72nd Shosoin exhibition this year is October 1946, shortly after the war. My friend’s father has been visited since the first time, and the catalog has been taken from the first issue, but how much moisture these exhibitions have brought to people in the exhausted postwar period. It was possible to take a photo of the reproduction of the felt, so there is only one photo. The flower is so-called felt. It is made of wool dyed with Suho, Ai, and Maki. The vermilion of Western Akane was also beautiful.