We have renovated a townhouse in Kyoto that is over 90 years old. There is a kitchen next to the entrance on the 1st floor.
If you go straight ahead, you will find a number of books collected by the owner.
In the back is a street garden with Okudo, and the height of the atrium is 9 meters.

1st floor gallery & dining

Every morning, we serve breakfast to our guests with seasonal and seasonal ingredients.
We take in plenty of vegetables from Kyoto.

There is a piano in the dining room, and live music is sometimes held.
The main room in the back is a gallery, and the works of the artists are also exhibited.
Please enjoy it.

2nd floor guest room

If you go up the stairs to the second floor, there is an antechamber with beautiful ceiling beams between the guest rooms.
We have tableware cabinets such as tea cups.
There is a shared bath and shower in the back.

The guest room is Japanese-style room,
A 10-tatami mat room called "Miruiro no Nami"
A 6-tatami mat room called "Aoi Nami".
Each is equipped with a toilet, washbasin and refrigerator.

floor plan