It’s a little hard, but it feels very good in a quiet forest. Climb in the morning and visit Daigoji Sanboin on the way back.

The garden of Daigoji Sanboin is worth a visit. However, my trip to Daigoji was at Sanbo-in, so I couldn’t get to Daigoji.
In spring, I started climbing after 1 o’clock and came back around 4:30 in the evening. Depart from the women’s hall.

Arrive at Fudo Waterfall in about 1km

The uphill continues for a while, but it goes down at a stretch from the middle. That is the temple office of Kamigoji Temple. Daigo-sui, the name of the temple, springs up here.
Delicious water with a soft taste. Take a break and climb a little to find Kaisando, Nyoirinji, and Godaido.
On the way back, when I saw the cherry blossoms of Hideyoshi’s Daigo, I saw a flat land like a ridge where the Hanami Palace was built.

It is said that eight teahouses were built and 700 cherry trees were planted from the women’s hall at the entrance to this Yariyama.
The trees are thick now, but at that time it was a gorgeous sight of all the cherry blossoms.