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Kyogen group
Office KAJA Presents!

The office KAJA “Japan’s regional culture revitalization project connected by creative Kyogen” was adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ subsidized project ARTS for the future !.
After thinking about how to support them, this is the poster I made on my own!
The main image is Gaku Nakafawa, who works on several picture books by Kyoka Izumi. At KAJA’s Kanazawa performance, we learned that Kyoka Izumi’s “Dorikujin ” was made into a kyogen, and Mr. Nakagawa drew the final scene of the autumn leaves swirling in the wind.

Online video distribution of Kyomachiya “Kyogen no Kai”

Today’s”Kyogen” is performed at the Kyomachiya “Gallery Nozawa Inn”.
Kyo-machiya is a style of a kyoto town house that has been passed downs since around the 1400s to the present.
There were a store space room called “Mise no ma” faces a street, and another room in the back where a family.
Today’s “Kyogen”‘play is set up in the back room.

“Kyogen”is even longer than the history of Kyomachiya.

It is a classical performing art that was born in the 700s with Noh.

No actors wear masks during the play, on the other hand, Kyogen actors do not wear masks during the play.
They act out very funny stories.
Today’s performer is Master Kawata Zenkyu and Yutani Donkou。
First of all, he performs a short Kyogen dance, title “Yukiyama” means snow mountains.

The following is a preview video that was held on March 22nd at Zawa inn in Kyomachiya.

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The 1st Kyomachiya “Kyogen no Kai” March 22

Zenkyu Kawata
Kyogen Performer /Zenkyu Kawata

Kyogen is a Japanese classical performing art whose prototype was born in the 700s AD,
even before the history of Machiya.
Unlike Noh, it is a comedy that depicts people’s daily lives through laughter,
without a face.

Opening …I’ll show you Komai of ‘Kyogen’.

Performer greeting …I do the explanation which becomes introduction about ‘Kyogen’.

‘Kyogen’ enjoyment …You see “horsetail” of classical ‘Kyogen’.

‘Kyogen’ experience …I do a lecture about the various styles of the ‘Kyogen’.

Wedding …A question and answer and an after toque.

Monday, March 22, 2021
Opening 18:30/start 19:00.

Performer :  kyogen performer   Kawata Zenkyu.
kyogen performer   Yutani Shinichi.

Program :  Horsetail

Charge :  3000 yen(Limited to 10 people

On-line distribution :  2000 yen (I begin to deliver it more than with an English explanation and March 30.)

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