The 1st Kyomachiya “Kyogen no Kai” March 22

Zenkyu Kawata
Kyogen Performer /Zenkyu Kawata

Kyogen is a Japanese classical performing art whose prototype was born in the 700s AD,
even before the history of Machiya.
Unlike Noh, it is a comedy that depicts people’s daily lives through laughter,
without a face.

Opening …I’ll show you Komai of ‘Kyogen’.

Performer greeting …I do the explanation which becomes introduction about ‘Kyogen’.

‘Kyogen’ enjoyment …You see “horsetail” of classical ‘Kyogen’.

‘Kyogen’ experience …I do a lecture about the various styles of the ‘Kyogen’.

Wedding …A question and answer and an after toque.

Monday, March 22, 2021
Opening 18:30/start 19:00.

Performer :  kyogen performer   Kawata Zenkyu.
kyogen performer   Yutani Shinichi.

Program :  Horsetail

Charge :  3000 yen(Limited to 10 people

On-line distribution :  2000 yen (I begin to deliver it more than with an English explanation and March 30.)

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